Research groups

The Institute's research groups have the goals of furthering cultural knowledge and intercultural competence, dealing with issues such as international cultural work and intercultural management, developing an interdisciplinary and intercultural research of tolerance as well as designing relevant teaching materials, particularly in the international study field of German as a Foreign Language (Intercultural German Studies).


Intercultural German Studies

Head: Prof. Dr. Bernd Müller-Jacquier, Barbara Dengel


This research group's main focus is the scientific assistance of the annual Summer University for Intercultural German Studies. The concept in theory and practice is further developed and kept up to date. The group's work is closely interlinked with teaching events of Intercultural German Studies as well as theses of this department regarding intercultural didactics.


The research group's tasks are for example:


• developing and providing teaching materials

•·developing and testing of methodical and didactic approaches in intercultural language teaching

•·further teacher training

•·teaching students and external teachers

• conceptual planning and composition of programmes for Intercultural German Studies 



Research Group: Foreign Studies and Tolerance

Head: Dr. Wolf-Dieter Otto


In this field, topical studies are undertaken which may be used as teaching materials for the Summer University or for the additional qualification German as a Foreign Language.



Intercultural Training and Assessment of Intercultural Competence

Head: Prof. Dr. Torsten Kühlmann, Prof. Dr. Bernd Müller-Jacquier


As well as the intercultural training of Summer University teachers ("Train the trainer") this research group is concerned with the design of the Summer University's specialised courses "Business Communication in Germany" und "Intercultural Communication und Training" .



European Judicial Culture and Comparative Law Analysis

Head: Prof. Dr. Diethelm Klippel


Planning the content of the specialised course "Law and Judicial Culture" in Germany is this research group's focus.



Comparative Cultural Sociology

Head: Prof. Dr. Arnold Zingerle



Film and Media Culture

Head: Thorsten Parchent