Intercultural German Language Courses

For students, international academics and everyone who would like to learn the German language, the IIK Bayreuth offers intensive German courses throughout the year in cooperation with Bayreuth University. 

The intercultural intensive language and communication courses include practical language teaching sessions as well as topical teaching units relating to regional studies. This relates to the political and social system of Germany as well as everyday life in Germany.


Here you can find our new course programme for 2019!



Online registration here



If you are interested, please register at the IIK. We recommend each student to do an assessment test in order to choose the most appropriate course level.



Basic, Medium and Upper (depending on the course period)


Learning Objective:

The objective of our intensive language courses is to enable the students to express themselves appropriately in the foreign language; this entails grammatical correctness as well as cultural sensitivity. 


Course Size:

Teaching is in small groups ranging from 8 to 16 students.


If the minimum number of course attendees is not fulfilled, the teaching will be more intensive and the course period shortened accordingly.


Teaching Period:

We offer courses from October through July. The teaching period depends on the level of the course you are taking.

Your course will take place Mondays to Fridays either between 9.00 am and 12.30 pm or between 1.30 pm and 5 pm.

Lesson duration: 45 minutes.

If you are interested, we can also provide evening courses and one-to-one lessons. Please send us an email!


Beginning of the Course: 

Course entry is possible to the beginning of each course period (see course schedule); beginner's courses start every year in April, August and October.


Course Fees:

The course fees are monthly payable at the beginning of each month. Click here for the course fees.
Additionally, there is a one-off registration fee of 50 €.


Registration certificates which are used to apply for residency certificates are chargeable.


Course Location:

The courses are held in the rooms of the IIK (Rosestraße 20, 95448 Bayreuth).


Change of Course:

A change of course is possible after the first course session or at the beginning of the course period in agreement with the course teacher.



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You would like to use an online dictionary during the lessons instead of carrying heavy books? 
That's easy to do at our institute thanks to the quick and free internet connection provided by our hotspot.


Loyalty program:

Book for at least 3 months and get a once-only price reduction of €50!


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