Intercultural trainings

IIK Bayreuth offers both trans-cultural and culture-specific intercultural workshops. Whereas the non-culture-specific or general workshops are designed to furnish participants with a closer understanding of their own cultural influences and tendencies, as well as encourage them to consider the impact of these factors on a person’s perception of familiar and unfamiliar behaviour, culture-specific workshops aim to impart knowledge of a specific culture or cultural sphere. The workshop content can be tailored to the needs of the group, and can be focused on any of the central topics: information, culture, interaction or understanding.

We are able to adapt the content and time-span of our workshops to your exact requirements. With the aim of insuring the best possible learning outcome, we strive to base our workshops directly upon the specific demands and levels of pre-existing knowledge possessed by the participants.


We are also more than happy to meet you in person to discuss your requirements or make our own recommendations. Should you or your company be interested in one of our intercultural workshops, we are there to help. 

Send us a no-strings-attached query here.