Registered Association IIK


The Institute for International Communication and Foreign Cultural Exchange (registered association IIK Bayreuth) is an interdisciplinary centre of research and continuing education. It was founded in 1990 by representatives of the disciplines German as a Foreign Language (Intercultural German Studies), Sociology, and Economics of Bayreuth University.


The principle role of the IIK Bayreuth is to realise interdisciplinary-orientated teaching and research tasks, resulting from the work of the various disciplines, and from current processes of internationalisation. The institute's tasks are implemented together with the University of Bayreuth. In courses for continuing education, they will be realised for international fields.


The research within the IIK Bayreuth is carried out by board members and a team of young scientists and teachers in co-operation with disciplines of the University of Bayreuth. Research work includes research pertaining to cultural sciences, as well as scientific education relating to the needs of various disciplines, including intercultural management, intercultural German Studies, teacher training, linguistic advice to foreign language teaching, and communication training.


The interdisciplinary co-operation in the field of cultural foreign experience and intercultural communication is realised in joint research projects, seminars, conferences and training courses to train in the areas of intercultural communication and didactics, scientific symposia and other events.


Practical international co-operation is at the centre of the IIK Bayreuth. This includes the annual Bayreuth Summer University for Intercultural German Studies.

Additionally to these summer courses, the IIK Bayreuth also provides German language courses all year to prepare foreign students and scientists for academic courses, or supplement their learning. This also entails mentoring and advising the course attendees. The goal of these courses is to integrate foreigners by broadening their linguistic skills in order to manage every-day life and work productively.


The IIK Bayreuth has continually increased the number of its partnerships since it has been founded. Today, the IIK closely co-operates with many different institutions and universities throughout the world.