Sightseeing in Bayreuth

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, our common theme is "Regional Studies". The registration fees for these trips (about 1 € to 8 €) are not included in the participation fee and have to be paid for separately.


The following places of interest are e. g. on the programme:Jean Paul



Jean Paul Museum

Jean Paul (1763-1825) is one of Germany's most significant poets. He lived in Bayreuth

from 1804 until his death.





Piano Makers Steingräber und Söhne

Since 1852, the famous make of pianos "Steingräber und Söhne" have been produced here.









Neues Schloss (New Palace)

The Residence of the margraves in Bayreuth. Plunge into the rococo era and explore the Palm Room with its outstanding walnut panelling or the Cabinet of Fragmented Mirrors which was designed under the influence of Margravine Wilhelmine!



 Maisels Brauerei

Maisel's Beer Brewery

The world famous Maisel's Beer is made here. In the brewery museum, you learn everything about its production and receive a free sample.






botanischer Garten




Ecological-Botanical Gardens

The Ecological-Botanical Gardens are a central institution of the University of Bayreuth. It accommodates plant species from all over the world, which are mostly grown in environments closely resembling their natural habitats. The colourful and partly very exotic variety of plants from around the world will impress you. 





Franz Liszt Museum

The name Franz Liszt is closely linked to Bayreuth and Richard Wagner as Liszt was Wagner's father-in-law. The Franz Liszt Museum - located in the immediate vicinity of Wagner's Villa Wahnfried - is dedicated to the life and works of the famous pianist and composer as well as to the connection between Liszt and Wagner.